Capture your Grief – Day 18. Healing Therapies

When I was little my mom used to draw my art class homework so that the children in school would not make fun of my lack of talent. Calling me an artistic fiasco would be an understatement and my mom would not allow my heart to break over such insignificant matters.
Things didn’t change much over the years … until She came along. Now, I am not saying that Francesca turned me into the most amazing painter of all times but I am saying that her life gave me the patience and love that my soul required in order to be able to express it self through art. Drawing and painting have been my most healing therapies and they are places in which I find her again and again. Some days she is a wildflower and others she is the most beautiful pink haired ballerina but most of all, each and every single day she is the one who made me a mother…
So years from now, when it will be my turn to draw or paint art class homework I will be able to tell my little ones that their big sister taught mommy everything she knows about art.

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