Capture your Grief – Day 28. Self Compassion

Self care and self compassion were not really my thing even before Francesca was born. After she died I could not get out of bed for days at an end, let alone shower or comb my hair. Looking back I was probably a very stinky mess but none of my loved ones said anything about it… my guess is they were afraid the stinky mess would bite their heads off.
After I graduated from my no light in the room, no shower, no food, no words phase I realized that the best self care I could show myself is to allow my soul to feel, that was far more important than any fancy food or Spa day I could treat my body with.
So on days when I’m on the dark side of the carousel my self care treatment consist of her Tatty Teddy, my Tatty Teddy blanket, a nice cup of tea sipped from my very special ballerina cup, my winter wool boots, my yoga pants, and a good book… this is what self compassion looks like to me.

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