Capture your Grief – Day 10. Signs + Symbols

She is in everything around me. She is in the air I breathe, in the wind on my face, in the flowers and the butterflies, she’s in the falling leaves and in the winter snow… she is in everything.
Her tiny ballerina feet step silent and invisible into this world but my heart can hear them and my eyes can see them even if you don’t. My heart smiles every time I see a butterfly, every time a bird sings, every time a rainbow shines because her soul is all around us. I know some find it crazy that I choose to see thing this way but her beauty has taught me to appreciate the beauty of this world, the beauty of nature and she is worth being thought of because I love her every second of every day.

Capture your Grief – Day 9. Surrender + Embrace

Grief is like being shipwrecked on a stormy night.
In the darkness of the night you say good-bye to the ship that was your life as you watch it go down together with most of your friends. You find yourself alone and scared slowly drowning in a sea of pain. The waves keep taking you under as you fight with everything you have to survive and as you feel your power to fight give up you surrender to this grief and let the sea embrace you.
Some days the sea is calm and other times giant waves of pain will still hit you and take you under even after you think you have mastered your survival skills but as long as you know that love is more powerful than pain you can do this.

Capture your Grief – Day 8. Beautiful mysteries

Every time I see or hear the word beautiful, her name comes to mind, I paint every letter in my head in pink watercolor and read it out loud so that the world can hear it and not forget that she was here. But today is not about her, today is about mysteries and she is not one at all, for I carry her in my heart always and I know who she is every second of every day.
She is the hope I cling on to as I step into this beautiful mystery that is our future. She is the reason for which I believe this world deserves all the love we can give it and the reason for which I choose to believe that no matter what this mysterious future holds it will be BEAUTIFUL … like her… Francesca…

Capture your Grief – Day 7. Myths

There are so many things I could talk about when it comes to myths regarding grief but I’ll just chose the biggest one of all.
It’s been more than six month since we have started walking on this journey and the thing I’ve heard most often is that “TIME heals all wounds”. I’m pretty sure that the person who first said that knew nothing of child loss.

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Capture your Grief – Day 6. Empathy

Empathy: noun, “the ability to share someone else’s feelings or experiences by imagining what it would be like to be in that person’s situation”

Now, empathy or better yet the lack of it in my life after loss looked a bit different.

Empathy was NOT the silence of the phone that only rang once a day.

Empathy was NOT the “i’m sorry for your loss” cards that i never got or the silence that took over a room whenever I walked in.

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Capture your Grief – Day 5. The Unspoken

“Words are an incredible thing. They can say so much or so little. They can ruin friendships but they can also mend broken hearts. Words are precious, for even when they are not enough they are the only thing we have that comes close to expressing the way we feel. There are times, hell most of the times, when words are not enough, they cannot fully express how deeply you love one person or how you feel that your heart and soul are broken in millions of tiny pieces that you think you will never find again.

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Capture your Grief – Day 4. Support Circles

There are many things that I have learned on this grief journey and one of them is the meaning of support.
Support is the husband that holds you in his arms and rubs your back while you cry your eyes out even when others think you should have “gotten over it by now”.
Support is the teddy you carried out of the hospital when you were unable to take your baby home like everyone else.
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Capture your Grief – Day 3. What it felt like

The day Francesca’s precious heart stopped beating was the same day I said good-bye to the old happy, giggly me and was reborn into a still mother, an invisible mother. I do not like to go back and think of what it felt like because truly there was only sorrow and pain in the first few months of our journey … It felt like constantly drowning in a sea of sadness or walking endless days in a forest where darkness reigns.
Ultimately she was the one who helped me be reborn, the one who was and always will be my dawn in my worst night.

Capture Your Grief. Day 2 – Who they are

My entire life I have imagined what it would be like to raise a girly girl so it is not hard for me to imagine who she is… what is still unimaginable for me to envision is a lifetime without her…

Francesca is the most beautiful ballerina in all realms and a true artist at heart. She has long long girly pink hair (ok, maybe the color is a bit toooo much), beautiful blue eyes like her daddy’s and she is very graceful. She likes watermelon, chocolate and waking me up every morning to watch her ballet routine… Her soul is filled with love for others and her imagination is as colorful as the sunset sky. She likes wearing stardust princess dresses and running barefoot on fluffy clouds. She likes swinging and really really loves her Tatty Teddy.

Capture Your Grief – Day 1. Sunrise Dedication

So I decided to participate in this amazing project that is suppose to bring a little bit of healing to broken hearts. It is a project that goes on for the entire month of October (since it is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month) and I hope that it will bring a great deal of healing to all bereaved parents.

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