Capture your Grief – Day 20. Gratitude

I’ll just start with the little things and I’m gonna save the best for last 🙂.
I am grateful for my Peppa PJ that I used to wear while I was pregnant with Francesca, it will officially be the first PJ I saw back up if it ever tears up.
I am grateful for Italian food… pasta especially.. the delicious kind… the kind that heals your soul.
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Capture your Grief – Day 19. Grief Rituals

Every morning, as the sun rises, a mother whispers lovingly “Good morning princess” as she smiles up to the skies. And every night just before she falls asleep she sends sweet kisses up to the stars hoping that her baby girl gets each and every one of them. Continue reading “Capture your Grief – Day 19. Grief Rituals”

Capture your Grief – Day 18. Healing Therapies

When I was little my mom used to draw my art class homework so that the children in school would not make fun of my lack of talent. Calling me an artistic fiasco would be an understatement and my mom would not allow my heart to break over such insignificant matters. Continue reading “Capture your Grief – Day 18. Healing Therapies”

Capture your Grief – Day 17. Sacred Space

There are a gazillion sacred spaces I keep just for her. One little sacred space in each and every one of the pieces of my broken heart. I know I will never be able to bring them all back together and see the big picture but I can let them shine one by one like the stars on a summer night.

At home, this is our sacred space, it might not look glamorous or shiny but I see it with my minds eye and it is beautiful 🙂

Capture your Grief – Day 16. Full Moon Retreat

So today was suppose to be about meditating while we look at the full moon. But since the weather is all gloomy and there does not seem to be a full moon in sight I’ll just tell you about the last time I just sat and looked at the stars.

A month ago while sailing the Adriatic sea, Francesca’s dad and I laid back on the deck one night and took it all in. I remember how my hand felt in his and my voice whispering “I hope she’s ok”... and through the darkness his voice touched my heart as he said those words I really needed to hear “She is, my love, she is”. I’ll never forget that moment .. the moment I felt hope coming back to me. So wherever you are tonight, whether or not you can see the full moon hold on to hope and love… they will save you in your darkest times.

Capture your Grief – Day 15. Wave of Light

In the first two months after you had left this world I would not allow myself to go to bed unless I had lit a candle at the church near by, a little light for you to see and know that we love you deeply. So every night, no matter the weather I would walk to the church and light your candles through tears and whispered prayers. At some point people were telling me this had to stop but my heart was telling me otherwise. So I kept on walking the same path up until my broken heart figured it out all on it’s own that I could keep this candle burning inside of me for it to light both my darkness and your way home.

While the wave of light travels the world tonight, you will also have your special little candle burning but know this my sweet ballerina, if ever the wind blows out your candle or rain pours down on it, the light in my heart will always burn for you.

Capture your Grief- Day 14. Beliefs + Spirituality

In the millions of years this world has seen there were many wars that started over this topic and I am not going to start another one now. We are all free to have our very own beliefs and we should not judge anyone because whether they choose to believe God is a higher power or just everyone else’s imaginary friend that is their choice and you will never know why the made it…
I choose not to share my beliefs with you today, not because they are secret but because they change on a daily basis. However, what I can tell you for sure is that I hope with everything I have that at the end of this life we will get to hold her, love her and do all the things we missed out on…

Capture you Grief – Day 13. Dear World

Dear World,
While you kept on turning, death hit the pause button on my life when Francesca’s heart stopped beating. I know I am small and insignificant, just a drop in an ocean but my love for her is a spark in a sea of grey and you can see it from way up high. She is my daughter, she will forever be my daughter, she is precious, she is kind, she made the world a better place, she is loved and she deserves to be remembered. So, whenever you feel like your instincts are telling you to just sweep her under the rug and pretend that she was never here remember that before she died, she lived and her life deserves to be honored.
Francesca’s mom

Capture your Grief – Day 12. Lemons + Lemonade

The best card I ever got said “when life gives you dirt, plant some flowers”. That is what I have been doing for the past six months… planting flowers in my heart and in front of our apartment building. I have cared for these beautiful flowers on my good days and my bad days, in good weather or bad, come hell or high water I cleaned Francesca’s garden and watered the flowers. I smiled when the first leaves came out from the ground but I have also cried when the first ones came to bloom. Life has give us a lot of dirt but we make a choice every day to tend to the garden in our hearts.
Same goes for the lemons I guess… life can give us the most bitter lemons but if we chose to add a little bit of sugar (to be read as LOVE) we might end up with the best lemonade ever!!!

Capture your Grief – Day 11. Creative Heartwork

As brushes stroke the paper mixing watercolors and painting flowers and butterflies my heart sees other things.
I see a beautiful blue eyed toddler running around me in the middle of a poppy field, I see a long haired princess having a tea party with her daddy and Tatty Teddy, I see a tiny ballerina at her very first dance recital, I see a six year old girly girl holding her Tatty Teddy really tight on her first day of school, I see an amazingly beautiful teenager who loves books and music, I see an excited young lady going on her very first date, I see a smiley lady going away to college, I see the most beautiful woman walking down the aisle her daddy by her side, I see Francesca on a poppy field and a beautiful toddler running around her and as I see the light in her eyes (the same one I have every time I think of her) I wonder… Do you suppose she is a wildflower?