Capture your Grief – Day 12. Lemons + Lemonade

The best card I ever got said “when life gives you dirt, plant some flowers”. That is what I have been doing for the past six months… planting flowers in my heart and in front of our apartment building. I have cared for these beautiful flowers on my good days and my bad days, in good weather or bad, come hell or high water I cleaned Francesca’s garden and watered the flowers. I smiled when the first leaves came out from the ground but I have also cried when the first ones came to bloom. Life has give us a lot of dirt but we make a choice every day to tend to the garden in our hearts.
Same goes for the lemons I guess… life can give us the most bitter lemons but if we chose to add a little bit of sugar (to be read as LOVE) we might end up with the best lemonade ever!!!