Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

My memory never served me well, I don’t remember my everyday schedule, I don’t remember birthdays, I don’t remember¬† doctor’s appointments, ¬†I don’t even remember our anniversary, but my phone, my most loyal servant is always there for me with useful reminders and mementos that I desperately need.
Today my phone’s screen did not light up, it did not have to, I knew even before my mind woke up to reality that it had been a month since I brought you into this world. In this sea of things that I do not remember, I remember perfectly the night that I gave birth to you, I remember every moment we spent together eating, laughing, knitting, loving, I remember every kick my rib cage was blessed with while you were practicing your graceful ballerina moves, I remember the three kicks you gifted your father with the night before our future was torn to pieces and spread across the skies so that we can never find it again, I remember the chocolate, raspberry and sour cherry cake I had planned to make for your one month anniversary … I remember EVERYTHING. Continue reading “Happy Birthday Baby Girl!”