You have to get over it. You have to be strong. You have to leave the past behind. You have to look forward. You have to forget. You have to pull yourself together. You have to go on with your life. You have to get up. You have to go see Doctor X. You have to bathe yourself in Y hot springs. You have to pray to God for strength. You have to accept. You have to smile. You have to stop thinking about it … YOU ALL HAVE TO SHUT UP!!!!

I don’t have to get over it … I need to go through it… through the unbearable pain because it is the only way I can get out of this shitstorm the proud owner of a sane mind … though I may never find all the pieces of my broken heart.

I am strong, I was very strong the night I gave birth to my baby girl with tears in my eyes knowing that I will have to say goodbye to the one I love the most. I am strong every day that I get out of bed and force myself to breathe. I am strong, even though you do not see this, because I put one foot in front of the other even though I do not see what is in front of me.

I do not have to leave the past behind. I can chose to carry it in my heart and shine the bright light of the future upon it.

Yes I am looking forward, but even in the future Francesca is still in my heart. I know you do not understand this but quite frankly I do not care!

No, I do not have to forget… I will never forget the few memories I have of us together, I will never forget HER. Do you forget to pick up your kids from kindergarten or school? Oh, you don’t? Then why would you expect me to forget my own child, just because she is not physically here with me.

I have to pull myself back together. If you expect me to get back to the woman you used to know… you will be waiting for all eternity because I will never be the same person ever again. It is possible that when I put the pieces of my broken soul back into my body I will become a better, happier or more beautiful person but at the same time it’s possible this will not happen, and if you are not patient enough to let me discover myself … feel free to look away.

Yes, I will go on with my life, because I have no other choice. Life never asked me before it robbed me of the person I hold most dear on this Earth and it doesn’t ask me if I want the sun to rise every morning. I am doing everything I can to go on with my life though you may not approve of my methods.

I do not have to go see Doctor X because mommy Z gave birth to a healthy baby under his care. No doctor could have saved my baby girl and I am sure that every doctor has his own “graveyard”. It’s just that my baby girl lays in our doctor’s “graveyard”.

I do not have to bathe myself in Y hot springs because, even though we have battled with infertility for a long time, we somehow managed to create two beautiful babies that lit our future and are now watching over us from a better world.

Yes, I have to pray. I pray every day. I ask God to take good care of my daughter’s soul, but I do not ask for strength for myself because out of the two I already have strength but I cannot protect my baby girl anymore.

I still smile and laugh when something is really funny. Maybe my eyes do not sparkle as they used to and maybe I do not have a smile on my face every minute of every day but my soul smiles every time I think of Francesca and cries every time a well-intended person like yourself tries to give me unsolicited advice.

What I REALLY HAVE TO DO is LOVE my daughter with every ounce of my heart, HONOR her life and her memory and CARRY her forever in my soul the same way I will do her future baby brothers or sisters that will light up our future here on earth.

We love you, we will always love you and we will never forget you, tiny ballerina. You are the light of our hearts and we miss you very much!


Ce TREBUIE sa facem?

Trebuie sa “treci peste”. Trebuie sa fi puternica. Trebuie sa lasi trecutul in urma. Trebuie sa privesti inainte. Trebuie sa uiti. Trebuie sa iti revii. Trebuie sa iti continui viata. Trebuie sa te ridici. Trebuie sa mergi la X doctor. Trebuie sa te scalzi in Y bai termale. Trebuie sa te rogi sa iti dea Dumnezeu putere. Trebuie sa accepti. Trebuie sa zambesti. Trebuie sa nu te mai gandesti … TREBUIE SA TACETI!!!!

Nu trebuie sa trec peste, ci trebuie sa trec prin … prin aceasta durere care ma doboara in unele momente, pentru ca asta este singura modalitate prin care pot sa ies cu mintea intreaga din toata suferinta, chiar daca nu voi mai gasi niciodata toate bucatile sufletului meu.

Sunt puternica, am fost puternica in noaptea in care mi-am nascut fetita cu lacrimi in ochi stiind ca va trebui sa imi iau ramas bun de la cea mai scumpa fiinta. Sunt puternica in fiecare zi in care ma ridic din pat si ma fortez sa respir. Sunt puternica, chiar daca tu nu vezi asta, pentru ca pun un pas in fata celuilalt chiar si atunci cand nu vad ce se afla inaintea mea.

Nu trebuie sa las trecutul in urma ci pot alege sa il port in sufletul meu si sa il luminez sub soarele cald care ne invaluie viitorul.

Da, privesc inainte, dar si inainte Francesca va fi mereu in sufletul meu … stiu ca ti-e greu sa intelegi, dar sincer nu ma intereseaza.

Nu, nu trebuie sa uit… nu voi uita niciodata putinele amintiri pe care le am impreuna cu fiica mea, nu o voi uita pe ea. Tu iti uiti copii la gradinita sau la scoala? Ah nu? Si atunci de ce te astepti ca eu sa imi uit copilul, doar daca trupul ei nu mai este langa mine.

Trebuie sa imi revin? Sa imi revin la ce? Daca te astepti sa fiu femeia pe care ai cunoscut-o inainte, vei astepta o eternitate caci nu voi mai fi niciodata aceeasi persoana care am fost. E posibil ca atunci cand voi indesa in corpul meu bucatile de suflet pe care le voi mai gasi pe acest drum al durerii sa devin o persoana mai buna, mai frumoasa, mai zambitoare, dar in acelasi timp s-ar putea ca acest lucru sa nu se intample, iar daca tu nu ai rabdare sa ma redescopar esti liber sa iti intorci privirea.

Da, imi continui viata, pentru ca nu am nici o alta alternativa, viata nu m-a intrebat atunci cand mi-a rapit ce aveam mai scump pe lumea asta si nici nu ma intreaba daca doresc ca soarele sa rasara in fiecare dimineata, iar eu fac tot posibilul sa continui cum vad cu putinta, chiar daca metodele mele nu sunt cele aprobate de tine.

Nu trebuie sa merg la X doctor pentru ca Z mamica a nascut copil sanatos cu doctorul acela. Nici un doctor nu mi-ar fi salvat fetita si fiecare doctor are cimitirul lui, doar ca fetita mea se afla in “cimitirul” doctorului nostru si nu a altuia.

Nu trebuie sa ma scald in Y bai termale, pentru ca desi ne-am luptat cu infertilitatea pentru o perioada lunga de timp am reusit sa creem doua minuni de copii care ne-au luminat viitorul si care ne vegheaza dintr-o lume mai buna.

Da, trebuie sa ma rog. Ma rog in fiecare zi pentru ca Dumnezeu sa aiba grija si sa imbratiseze sufletul fetitei mele, dar nu ma rog pentru putere pentru ca dintre cele doua puterea o pot aduna si singura, dar pe fetita mea nu o mai pot proteja.

Inca zambesc si rad atunci cand ceva mi se pare comic. Poate ochii nu imi mai zambesc asa cum o faceau inainte si nu am zambet pe buze in fiecare moment al fiecarei zile, dar sufletul meu zambeste de fiecare data cand ma gandesc la Francesca si plange de fiecare data cand o persoana ca tine se gandeste sa imi dea aceste sfaturi “binevenite”.

In schimb… ce TREBUIE sa fac este sa imi iubesc fiica cu toata inima mea, sa ii onorez viata si memoria si sa o port mereu in suflet asa cum voi face si cu fratiorii si surioarele ei care ne vor lumina la randul lor viitorul aici pe pamant.

Te iubim, te vom iubi mereu si nu te vom uita niciodata, micuta balerina! Esti lumina sufletului nostru si ne este tare dor de tine!

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