Capture your Grief – Day 4. Support Circles

There are many things that I have learned on this grief journey and one of them is the meaning of support.
Support is the husband that holds you in his arms and rubs your back while you cry your eyes out even when others think you should have “gotten over it by now”.
Support is the teddy you carried out of the hospital when you were unable to take your baby home like everyone else.
Support is the cousin that was brave enough to call every single day even when there were no words to say… only tears…
Support is the mother and father who brought you food and cleaned your house cuz they knew you could not do it… and they still do.
Support is the rainbow hunter friend you talk to every day because she is a loss mom herself and she gets it…
Support is the friend who came over with chips right after your baby died or the one who took you out for lemonade and spent four hours listening to you talk on and on about your baby and how you miss her.
This is my support circle and I thank you all for carrying me this far… I know it’s been tough and there are no words to say but… Thank you!

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