Capture your Grief – Day 19. Grief Rituals

Every morning, as the sun rises, a mother whispers lovingly “Good morning princess” as she smiles up to the skies. And every night just before she falls asleep she sends sweet kisses up to the stars hoping that her baby girl gets each and every one of them.
You might see her walking down the street, holding a teddy real tight and you might wonder … but you will never know that she holds on to the teddy as if her life depended on it because the pain and longing of here empty arms is too big.
And when you see this momma walking down the street, know that even though the journey she is walking is a lonely one she is not alone. She is one in four still mothers, one in four mothers who long to hold their children, one in four who will forever miss them.
I am that one in four, and these are my grief rituals. So, if life has been unbearably cruel to you and you are also in this club that nobody wants to be a part of, know that I see you sweet momma, I see your beautiful rituals, I understand your brokenness and you are never be alone in this.

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