Capture your Grief – Day 20. Gratitude

I’ll just start with the little things and I’m gonna save the best for last 🙂.
I am grateful for my Peppa PJ that I used to wear while I was pregnant with Francesca, it will officially be the first PJ I saw back up if it ever tears up.
I am grateful for Italian food… pasta especially.. the delicious kind… the kind that heals your soul.
I am grateful that someone thought to invent chocolate a long long time ago.
I am grateful for music for keeping me up and bringing me down all at the same time.
I am grateful for watercolors… they have been my salvation when my world was all black… bless your heart who ever you are that discovered them.
I am grateful for the sunrise. It never stopped showing up even when I wished sooooo dearly that it did.
I am grateful for the rain who thought to match up to my soul and poured for days at an end!!! You go rain!!!!

And now… for the big things…
I am grateful that more than ten years ago I got to meet this very very special man who turned out to be the love of my life, this man who has stood by me in sickness and in health, through good times and bad and who never stopped showing his love as he adored me even on my worst days. He is the one who wipes my tears and whispers “I love you even if you are brokenhearted”.
I am grateful that this sweet man, whom I am lucky to call my husband, stumbled one day in a store over a Tatty Teddy that I now love dearly…. my little knight in shining armor.
I am grateful I have a family who loves us and do their best to support us even when they cannot understand our pain.
I am grateful we have this beautiful baby girl, that we did not get to keep but whom we love dearly and I am grateful for all the time we got to spend with her.
Last but surely not least I am grateful that, out of all the people on this Earth, Francesca chose ME to be her mother and to love her eternally and I will never ever break that promise.

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