Capture your Grief – Day 21. Relationships

Today I choose to write about love… this is how it goes…

“My dearest love,

This has been an interesting road we’ve been walking for the past ten years … We have walked under beautiful blue skies and in pitch darkness but the only thing that matters is that we have walked side by side and that we never let go of each other and that is something i am thankful for everyday.

With you and because of you I have learned what true love is in all it’s sense… And I will never be able to thank you enough for this great gift that you have given me.
I have learned that love is not always smiley and joyful but that it can simply be your lifeline in your deepest sorrow and that is more important than all the smiles in the world.

Every moment I get to spend with you I can honestly say that I have no regrets. Do I wish we would be changing stinky diapers and struggling to stay awake after countless sleepless nights? YES!!!! But that does not mean I do not appreciate our love with everything I have or that I feel that it is not enough…
You, my love, have taught me what it means to be loved and because of you I have also learned what it means to love with every cell in my body. Our love has created more love and I love our love with everything I have…”

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