Capture your Grief – Day 25. I am ________

I wish …we had forever…
I remember …falling in love with you.
I could not believe… I had to give you back.
If only… you could have stayed.

I am… still alive…

You know those movies where someone is kidnapped and they are held prisoners in a car, so whenever they drive by some other cars they hold out a paper that says “Help me!” or “Save me”?
While my conscious mind was writing that last sentence, I could literally see an animation of my broken heart holding a paper that said
What I am trying to say is that while I am still alive, I am also her mother… it is only a matter of perspective and who you choose to listen to, the heart or the mind… if you ask me I’ll choose my very broken heart every single time because every piece of it is filled with love for her

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